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Warface : Stained by Blood

2009-12-11 16:39:52 by PopBrain

Warface : Stained by Blood
A sample screen shot of a short game we made in the style of an old classic we liked; Full Throttle! Launch date - December 16th.

Warface : Stained by Blood


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2009-12-11 17:23:45

Quentin Tarantino took a near identical photo to the one in your image.
Unless of course it's a tribute.

PopBrain responds:

It's A tribute ;) ... Tarantino is the best producer !


2009-12-12 09:34:55

Show me youre Warface!!!


2009-12-12 11:51:00

Cool but what about sift heads world

PopBrain responds:

Will Be Out Very Soon ! We just need to fix some details.


2010-02-16 19:54:17

Did the crow carry off a dead body at the end of A Crow In Hell 3?