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Sift Heads World - Act 5 !!!

2010-08-19 08:43:22 by PopBrain

Sift Heads World : Act 5 - An Exotic Job
Coming up August 25th

Storyline :
In this episode we have the team going on a safari excursion in the depths of the Amazonian rain forest looking for an exotic artefact. But their lucrative expedition will quickly get interrupted by some local mercenaries who are set on making some money of their own. Soon enough their mission will prove to be more arduous than they had planned.

Features :
- Explore the Amazon Forest !
- Survive mercenary attacks !
- A jungle filled with traps and treasures !
- Over 16 new secondary missions!
- New Guns, accessories and outfits available !
- Many Bonus items ...
- and more ...

The biggest Act yet ! Hope you all like it !

Sift Heads World - Act 5 !!!


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2010-08-19 09:13:40

w00t! i love the series and i cant wait for act 5!


2010-08-19 09:58:18

Vinnie looks a lot cooler with the black sun glasses. Good luck


2010-08-19 10:50:19

he looks so cool with black sunglasses


2010-08-19 21:21:59

Please have killer animals in it :D


2010-08-19 22:16:22

Fantastic! I LOVE The Sift Heads World Saga!


2010-08-22 15:02:19

finally 3 days to sift heads world act 5 come i gonna finish that game and this game gonna finish what act?only to know i love this game XD


2010-08-23 12:37:14

Been waiting for this game. The best series is back. Can't wait to play :D


2010-08-23 12:49:40

act 5 looks very cool. I can't wait to play it!!


2010-08-24 06:52:17

Looks amazing!!! I can't wait!


2010-08-24 23:36:18

Its not out yet?


2010-08-25 02:47:13

Seriously its August 25th now!!!

PopBrain responds:

Out in a couple of hours !


2010-08-25 12:13:37

in how many hours exactly ? u can guesstimate ? because this series is KICKASS !! :P


2010-09-04 02:11:38

I've played it! I did it and i can't wait till act 6 so i can get revenge on Alonzo...